Holistic Practitioners of Trichology™


This is a two-day course for stylists/barbers.  Day 1 is an Introduction to Trichology and covers the theory of hair and scalp conditions in detail.  Day 2 is a hands-on clinicals course where you will learn how to perform scalp analysis and how to treat holistically.  Scope and products included. Locations vary.  For more information, send an email to hairagain2015@gmail.com. Cost:  $2,249.  Deposit Required.

Holistic Practitioners of Trichology™ Clinicals Course


This course is the Day 2 ONLY of the 2-day course.  This is perfect for PRACTICING HAIR LOSS PROFESSIONALS who want to learn and add holistic treatments to their menu. This is a hands on course, professionals should expect to work with clients suffering from different types of hair loss and scalp maladies (blueprint provided upon attendance).

This course will include:

  1. Scalp Recovery
  2. Scalp Irrigation 
  3. Scalp Insufflation 
  4. Mineral Clay Absorbtion
  5. Lymphatic Drainage 
  6. Microneedle Therapy 
  7. Aromatherapy
  8. Mesotherapy
  9. Alkaline Therapy
  10. Blood Type Therapy 
  11. Ozone Therapy
  12. Herbal Infusions Therapy

Cost:  $1,249.  Deposit Required.