Holistic Practitioners of Trichology

This is a two-day course for stylists/barbers.  Day 1 is an Introduction to Trichology and covers the theory of hair and scalp conditions in detail.  Day 2 is a hands-on clinicals course where you will learn how to perform scalp analysis and how to treat holistically.  Scope and products included. Locations vary.  For more information, send an email to trichologistsonamission@gmail.com. Cost:  $2,000.  Deposit Required.

Holistic Practitioners of Trichology Clinicals Course

This course is the Day 2 ONLY of the 2-day course.  This is perfect for PRACTICING HAIR LOSS PROFESSIONALS who want to learn and add holistic treatments to their menu.  This class includes: Scalp Detoxification, Mineral Clay, Lymphatic Drainage, Microneedle Therapy, Aromatherapy, Introduction to Ozone Therapy, and many more.  Cost:  $1,200.  Deposit Required. 

Non-Surgical Hair Replacment/Medical Hair Loss

SPONSOR OFFERED COURSE:  3-Day Course - Learn Design Systems/Template  Marking; the Need vs the Want (identifying clients); and the features  and benefits of the Grafting Technique on Day 1.  On Day 2, experience a  demonstration to tie it all together along with hands-on long hair  bonding, and how to alter grafts and wigs. Day 3: Learn the causes of  hair loss and consultation techniques; marketing and networking tips  that work with the medical community; insurance and HIPAA forms; and the  proper care of cranial prosthetics.  Cost:  $1,500 (10% discount for  TOAM Partners) 

The Hairstylist Stimulus Plan with Ky Smith

SPONSOR OFFERED COURSE:  4-Week Bootcamp to help you create more financial opportunity in your business, show up like the BOSS you are in your business, build a profitable business that you can duplicate and track, work smarter not harder, predict your income annually using data created in your business, earn more per hour, cut the hours you work without compromising your income, spend more time working on your business instead of in your business, and create a life you LOVE without being a slave to the chair.  Cost:  $197