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Come celebrate with us and embark upon an amazing journey learning to treat hair loss holistically.  This event is for professionally-licensed stylists and barbers; and hair loss professionals.

April 13-15, 2019

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

Clearwater, Florida

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Making a Difference with TOAM


Trichologists on a Mission supports a two-pronged mission.  1) Educate and guide stylists who are proactively employing hair loss services to help their clientele, and 2) to bring awareness to the community about the epidemic of hair loss and the misconceptions surrounding causes and solutions.  TOAM will achieve its mission through free social media content, live public and private education forums, podcasts, newsletters, and membership-only curriculum and coaching.

Are You Suffering From Hair Loss or Thinning?

Let us connect you with a hair loss professional in your area.  We encourage our Partners to practice a holistic approach to helping clients.  Our Partners are great at their craft and have many resources available to them to help you.  But more importantly, when you choose a professional from our network, you have all of TOAM helping you because we collaborate as a team on every single client anywhere in the world.  Our Partners are constantly studying and learning to ensure you have the best experience any hair loss professional can offer you.


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