Trichologists on a Mission (TOAM™) MISSION STATEMENT


Our mission is to:

1.  Lead, guide, and mentor hair loss professionals in providing holistic hair loss treatments and wellness to their clients.

2.  Create public awareness of the epidemic of hair loss and the misconceptions surrounding the causes and solutions.

3.  Provide collaborative opportunities for the study of Alopecia (hair loss) to include holistic, scientific, and clinical research.

4.  Legitimize holistic hair loss treatments and holistic wellness as effective solutions to hair loss in the eyes of the medical community and the general public.

TOAM™ will achieve its mission through free social media content, live public and private education forums, podcasts, newsletters, and membership-only curriculum and coaching.

Partner with TOAM™


There are two levels of Membership:  TOAM Associate and TOAM Partner

TOAM™ Associate

TOAM™ Associates are not considered Partners, but will receive access to the private TOAM™ Associates FB group where they can observe, gain knowledge, and network.  They will also receive an electronic copy of the newsletter.  There is no fee to be a TOAM™ Associate.

TOAM™ Partner

To become a TOAM™ Partner, you must first complete our Holistic Practitioners of Trichology™ Course (see the Courses tab).  TOAM™ Partners benefits include:  inclusion into the private Learner's Forum where there are open roundtable discussions, case studies, and live demonstrations.  TOAM™ Partners also get special pricing on products and annual Convention fees.  Additionally, you are included in the TOAM™ Referral Network and listed on the website as a preferred professional in your area.  And finally, you get assistance structuring your hair loss service menus or cost analysis on your current hair loss services (one or the other).  Fee: $299/yr