Mastery Tour Course

Tap into this $5 billion industry!

This is a 1-day class and is the PERFECT introduction into hair loss for stylists/barbers.  The tools taught in this course will jumpstart you into the next level.  Topics covered include:  How To Reverse Hair Loss in Weeks; Nutrition and How Diet Affects the Hair; Essentials of Hair Replacement; and Building Solid Business Foundations in Hair Loss.   Cost:  $575 (Discounts for TOAM Partners).  Deposit Required. 

Holistic Practitioners of Trichology

This is a two-day course for stylists/barbers.  Day 1 is an Introduction to Trichology and covers the theory of hair and scalp conditions in detail.  Day 2 is a hands-on clinicals course where you will learn how to perform scalp analysis and how to treat holistically.  Scope and products included. Locations vary.  To request a class in your area, send an email to Cost:  $1,500 (Discounts offered to TOAM Partners).  Deposit Required.

Holistic Practitioners of Trichology Clinicals Course

This course is the Day 2 ONLY of the 2-day course.  This is perfect for PRACTICING HAIR LOSS PROFESSIONALS who want to learn and add holistic treatments to their menu.  This class includes: Scalp Detoxification, Mineral Clay, Lymphatic Drainage, Microneedle Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Introduction to Ozone Therapy.  Cost:  $750 (Discounts offered to TOAM Partners).  Deposit Required. 

Non-Surgical Hair Replacment/Medical Hair Loss

SPONSOR OFFERED COURSE:  3-Day Course - Learn Design Systems/Template  Marking; the Need vs the Want (identifying clients); and the features  and benefits of the Grafting Technique on Day 1.  On Day 2, experience a  demonstration to tie it all together along with hands-on long hair  bonding, and how to alter grafts and wigs. Day 3: Learn the causes of  hair loss and consultation techniques; marketing and networking tips  that work with the medical community; insurance and HIPAA forms; and the  proper care of cranial prosthetics.  Cost:  $1,500 (10% discount for  TOAM Partners)